Why Cope?

We are industry experts
  • Our team is led by a CPA with over 15 years of experience in Tax Preparation and Accounting
  • We know how to create efficient workflows using seasonal and full-time resources
  • We know how to identify and alleviate bottlenecks
  • We only work with the best talent

A Letter from the Founder

I have a good family friend whose dad was a CPA. Not too long ago he had a banner year but, like most CPAs during tax season, he was stressed, overworked and unhealthy. On April 16th, usually the best day of the year for any CPA, he died of a heart attack. This chilling story is why I started COPE Staffing. I decided that was never going to be me, I never want to let stress do that to me. Please, don’t let it be you either. COPE Staffing will make sure you are staffed appropriately so that you can find the right work-life balance.
-Eric Edmonds, CEO & Founder of COPE Staffing

Our Mission

Our mission is to find you the right talent for the right role at your company.

Our Values


As a recruiting firm, we consider the quality of our candidates to be a measure of our own quality. Each applicant is prescreened and background checked to ensure basic qualifications before we determine whether he or she meets our standards of reliability and responsiveness. If all criteria are satisfied and the candidate is a match for the unique needs of your practice, we’ll move forward with interviews for your position.


Many tax accounting practices find themselves poised for growth but unable to move forward because they don’t have the resources to secure talent that meets their unique, often seasonal needs. COPE Staffing bridges the gap with staffing solutions that are tailored to your full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions. By hiring only who you need, you save money on unnecessary costs and benefits.


Complex and time-consuming staffing processes would defeat the whole purpose of seeking a staffing solution. We’ve simplified the process to take up as little of your time and energy as possible while still allowing us to get to know your business so we can find you the perfect match. Our approach minimizes the time it takes to get you from reading this page to onboarding the best candidate for your position

If you’re ready to become a client and expedite the staffing process, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within two business days to schedule your discovery meeting. At the discovery meeting, we’ll answer your questions about COPE Staffing and the recruiting process, get to know your business and the culture you’ve built, and discuss the gaps in your workflow that brought you here. With your schedule, position, company culture, and other unique traits in mind, we’ll begin screening candidates for the interview process.

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If you’re considering a position with COPE Staffing, take a look at the positions we have available today to help you decide if we’re a good match for professional needs. We have opportunities for full-time, part-time, and seasonal work in client-facing and non-client-facing positions. To apply to any of the listed positions, you can call us at the number above or apply directly using the form provided. If you’re a potential match for the position you’ve selected based on your experience and the flexibility of your work schedule, we’ll contact you to schedule an interview.

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