Looking for Pre-Screened Tax & Accounting Professionals in Southern California?

Cope Staffing LLC helps you get more done by supplementing your workforce with experienced, reliable, and pre-qualified tax professionals.

What is COPE Staffing?

We are the only staffing and recruiting company solely focused on CPAs and tax professionals.

How we do it?

When most people think of tax preparation their eyes glaze over. Not us. We are industry experts and have experience in all aspects of income tax preparation. We know how to properly assess candidates, determine their relevant skills, and place them in the right position at your company

Why do we do it?

CPAs and tax professionals work hard, sometimes too hard. As an owner of my own CPA firm, that was me. Our mission is to find you the right talent for the right role at your company. Whether it’s finding that perfect full-time hire or sending you qualified, temporary workers during Tax Season, COPE staffing will find the talent you need

How it Works?

Step 1

Define the Tax Role You Need

Tell us who you need in your workflow – Preparers, Reviewers, Managers.

Step 2

Select from a Local Talent Pool of Tax Resources
We provide you pre-screened candidates to choose from.

Step 3

Start Delegating Tax Work
You pick who you want to to be on your team and we onboard them.

It’s Simple, It’s Quick, It’s Easy.

Choose the role that you need and we do the heavy lifting for you.

Need more info? Learn all about the resources available.

Why Choose COPE Staffing?

To ease the burden of your existing staff and allow yourself permission to have a more enjoyable work-life balance.
Our founder is a CPA with 15 years of experience in tax preparation.
We know how to help create efficient workflows with different resources.
We know how to identify and alleviate workflow bottlenecks.
We only work with highly motivated and reliable talent
Eric Edmonds, CPA
Client Success Partner

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